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What's on your coffee table?

The name of this space is called “Coffee Table Things” but in reality you won’t find any of the items found in this store on my coffee table. Right now, my coffee table is littered with snacks, coffee mugs, and a not-so-aesthetic collection of WFH things: air pods, a wireless mouse, etc.

Instead, my enthusiasm for art objects is evident on other surfaces: a credenza, an entryway table, and a bookshelf – the last of which has found its divine purpose as a chic backdrop to my Google Hangouts and Zoom conferences.

In college, my senior art thesis was concerned with the fine line between décor and art, particularly within the context of the home. A canvas used as a flower “vase,” lightbulbs organized in a decorative fashion (but did not turn on) – all intended to push the boundaries between form and function.

I love teetering this balance, even though it has sometimes paralyzed me from being able to commit to purchasing any “actual” artwork for myself. Am I demoting a beautiful fine art painting to “décor” by only choosing it if it matches my? Am I elevating a CB2 paperweight to “sculpture” even though it is one in a million? (No offense to shopping at CB2 – I do – and I have said paperweight).

I really shouldn’t overthink it, but I do feel that the pieces you choose to display all play a role in the balance of art versus décor within your home. Ultimately, what I love about art objects, is that they’re conversation starters. Art books are the easiest impetus to a dialogue about people and aesthetics, candles trigger emotion and memory, and objects collected from faraway travels inspire. My bookshelf is more often than not the first thing that guests comment on. The collection in itself, is its own work of art, and I hope you find something here for your own masterpiece.