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This year marks my 10th year in New York! The second longest amount of time I've lived somewhere after Manila, Philippines, where I spent my formative years. It's also the 5th city I've lived in in my entire life (Brisbane, Australia, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Anaheim, California).

For as long as I can remember, my mom has decorated all of our houses and condos with a very eclectic vision. She still has 20-year-old floor lamps with stone sculptures of Balinese dancers their bases. My mom has an incredible eye - she finds the most unique pieces with so much character, and finds a way to make everything work together in an unexpected yet breathtaking way. Her aesthetic is no one's but her own, and she was born with it.

I am by no means an interior designer. I did, however, major in Art History with a concentration in Visual Arts, and have worked in luxury fashion for the last 10 years, so I do feel that I have some sense of what makes something "aesthetically pleasing." I suppose I would also describe my taste as eclectic: influenced by all the places I've lived, the art I've studied, and the industry and city I've surrounded myself with. 

The other thing is that I actually consider Maui, Hawaii my home. I've never actually lived there, but that's where my mom grew up, where her side of the family lives and where we go back to every year. If you've ever been to Hawaii, you'll know that there's just something in the air there that relaxes you and takes you to an extremely serene state of mental and physical self. This feeling, is also something I find has influenced my taste in art objects.

Finally, living in New York City, you move a lot. Without counting dorms, I'm now living in my third apartment. When you move around so much, how do you make your space feel like home? I think you do it by curating a mix of older, sentimental, and personal with the new.

In response to the civil rights crisis that we are facing in the United States and all around the world, 15% of all profits will be donated to institutions that support the development of artists from underrepresented minorities.

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With love and gratitude,

Megan Maquera

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